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ABBYY products allow people and businesses to achieve greater efficiency, productivity & linguistic breadth.

Paper and business still go hand in hand. Government agencies and commercial organisations, such as financial and insurance companies, legal firms and educational organisations, have to process vast amounts of paper and PDF documents. ABBYY has developed innovative solutions that dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of this process. Thousands of organizations worldwide save time and resources by using ABBYY’s OCR, document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies.


Data & Documents to your Business Systems: Forms, Surveys, POs, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Letters, Contracts, etc.
Accounts Payable Automation
Mail Room Automation
Mobile Capture

Banking & Finance, BPO, Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Legal, Education, Transport + more.

Data & Document Capture


ABBYY FlexiCapture
• Single solution for all types of documents  • Cutting-edge technologies inside • Renowned accuracy  • Advanced scalability  • Ready for international business  • Fast ROI and low TCO  • Web-based data verification  • ClickOnce and Web-based scanning  • Front Office Document Capture  • Optimized performance and fault tolerance  • Flexible workflow  • Desktop and Distributed configurations

ABBYY FlexiCapture is the next generation of intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing software. It provides a single entry point to automatically transform streams of different forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. With automatic document classification and data capture features, ABBYY FlexiCapture helps organizations of any kind with any volume of paperwork significantly increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes.



ABBYY Recognition Server
• State of the Art OCR Technology  • Unmatched Volume Scalability  • Cost-Saving Simplicity  • Unlimited Client Access  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint  • OCR and Barcode Recognition  • Assigning Document Types and Metadata • Multiple Output Formats  • Smart PDF Processing  • MRC PDF Compression  • Load Balancing  • Customization and Integration

ABBYY Recognition Server is powerful server-based OCR software for automated document capture and PDF conversion. Designed for mid- to high-volume batch processing, it enables organizations and scanning service providers to establish cost-efficient processes for converting paper, as well as TIFF, JPEG, and PDF image documents into electronic files suitable for full-text search and long-term digital archiving.


OCR, PDF & Document Conversion



ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate
• Digitize Paper Documents with Exceptional Accuracy  • Faster Document Processing and Custom One-click Tasks  • Automated OCR and Batch Conversion  • Cost-Effective Network Licensing  • Easy  • Deployment and Management  • Pulling Quotes and Extracting Data  • Advanced PDF Conversion and Security  • Wide Range of Supported Formats  • Send and Retrieve Documents from the Cloud  • Business Card Reader for Windows

ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate is the intelligent OCR solution for streamlining document conversion among workgroups in business, government and academic environments. Combining unmatched accuracy with ease of use and ability to automate document conversion, FineReader Corporate speeds up document processing. Comprehensive network capabilities and cost-effective licensing options are developed to meet the needs of your business.





ABBYY FineReader 14 Professional
• Converts images into text quickly & accurately  • Supports more languages then any other OCR  • Extracts text and tables from selected areas  • Creates searchable PDFs with  • Converts PDFs into editable formats  • Provides powerful tools for improving results  • Creates E-books for reading on the go  • Sends and retrieves documents from cloud • Reads text on digital photos  • Captures content from screenshots  • Designed in a new windows 8 look and feel

ABBYY FineReaderฎ 14 Professional OCR accurately converts paper and image documents into editable formats including Microsoft Office and searchable PDF – enabling you to reuse their content, archive them more efficiently and retrieve more quickly. FineReader eliminates the need to retype documents and ensures that important information is readily available. It instantly provides access to the entire document of any size and supports 190 languages in any combinations.



ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac
• World’s Most Multilingual OCR for Mac  • Exact Reconstruction of Document Structure and Formatting  • The Most Accurate Text Recognition and Layout Retention Available for Mac OS X  • Saves Documents to Virtually Any Format  • Easy Interface Raises Productivity  • Easy PDF Conversion  • Digitize and Share Important Documents  • Advanced OCR for Complex Tasks  • E-books Creation for Reading On-The-Go • Automatic Correction of Digital Photos of Documents  • Edit Images with Image Editor

Easily transform paper documents, PDFs and digital photos of text into editable and searchable files with ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac. No more manual retyping or reformatting. Instead you can edit, search, share, archive, and copy information from documents for reuse and quotation — saving your time, effort and hassles.

FineReader Pro combines unmatched OCR quality, accurate document formatting reconstruction and unsurpassed language support with an intuitive interface.



ABBYY PDF Transformer+
• Easy work with the content of any PDF file  • Exceptional Performance with Scanned PDFs  • Efficient Document Collaboration  • Enhanced Capabilities for Creating PDFs  • New Output Formats  • Open and view • Review & comment  • Edit & modify  • Create & merge  • Extract & convert  • Protect & share

Your essential PDF software solution, offering all you need in your daily work with PDF files — whether you wish to edit or add comments to a PDF document, add password protection, discuss it with colleagues, create, convert, or simply read a PDF file in a friendly environment.

This versatile PDF software solution features an intuitive interface and collaboration tools combined with ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and Adobeฎ PDF Library technology* to ensure easy work with any type of PDF and help you increase day-to-day business efficiency.



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