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State-of-the art design and easy-to-use, Canon scanners are the pinnacle of scanning solutions.

As information becomes increasingly digitised, and workflows more and more automated, you have the opportunity to enhance the efficiency of your processes and enjoy better productivity from your staff. Canon has incorporated world-leading imaging technology into their comprehensive range of feature-packed and easy-to-use scanners. Whatever your business requires, Canon has a scanner to suit your needs.

Choose from below a scanner group that suits your requirements.

Ultra compact network scanners,
with easy and secure operation
and low IT costs - ideal as shared
device for and back offices.

Small, compact & user-friendly,
with a powerful suite of software
 - ideal for central and small/
branch offices.

Robust and reliable - ideal for
batch scanning business critical
documents in busy office

Fast, productive, high performance
scanners - ideal for digital
mailrooms, back-file conversions
or specialised projects.


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